8 Color Palettes for Beautiful Fall Family Photos

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Are you looking forward to enhancing your family photo? Look no more because we have discussed all the color palettes for fall family photos you would love to explore. We know that family photos aren’t just photos; they bring back memories and reflect a warm atmosphere of
close-knit relations. So, making it look special is obvious.

With the onset of several photo editing software and applications, professionals have used various color schemes to enhance photos. According to a 2017 research “Journal of Vision Research,” images with color schemes like complementary or analogous colors appear visually
better and more pleasant. Now, your preference for specializing in your photo can be different, but according to professionals, understanding the color palette and choosing a set of colors is essential. A photo’s color palette conveys a lot about it. The correct set of colors depends on several factors, like season and the picture’s mood. And for fall, experts mostly use warm tones.

Having said that, if you are someone who wants to have some beautiful outdoor fall family photos, read ahead to learn how you can have the best shots –

Trending Fall Family Color Palette

Fall as a season comes with the opportunity for many families to gather together and capture the beauty of autumn in their family photos. In this beautiful season, the leaves start to change, offering a vibrant backdrop to create memories through family photos. But, when the Editing scenario comes in, the right choice of color palette is a crucial element that can make or break your family photos. To avoid such mistakes, there are eight color palettes that experts use to create unique fall family photos. Let’s explore –

1. Rustic Elegance

Colors – Deep burgundy, rustic brown, creamy beige, and soft gold


When you are looking forward to adding the essence of the fall season to your family photos, selecting a suitable color palette is essential because it sets the whole mood of a photo. Rustic elegance is one of the timeless choices that editors prefer. It adds a cozy vibe to the photo,
mirroring warmth as well. Deep burgundy, rustic brown, creamy beige, and soft gold are ideal shades that make a picture look harmonious and visually pleasing.

● Deep burgundy reminisces fallen leaves, which adds a sophisticated vibe to family photos. Professional photographers consider deep burgundy a rich, attractive, and inviting shade That is usually added by utilizing clothing options like scarves or stalls.

● Rustic brown as a fall shade reflects the earthiness of the fall season. You can either wear cozy brown sweaters or use a natural backdrop of forest scenery that looks filled with rustic brown in the fall season.

● Creamy beige Offers a good balance of softness for outdoor fall family photos. Along with creating a gentle contrast, it complements other colors of the pictures.

● Soft gold evokes the luxury and warmness of a photograph. You can introduce this by utilizing minimal accessories.

Altogether, these colors of rustic elegance palette create a warm and harmonious blend that reflects the fall season, making your family picture look timeless.

2. Harvest hues

Fall Family Photo Outfits

Colors – Pumpkin orange, mustard yellow, forest green, and earthy brown.

Using a harvest hues color palette, you can embrace The vibrant spirit of autumn through your
family pictures.

● Pumpkin orange is one of the best fall colors for family photos. It is a famous shade known to capture the essence of ripe pumpkins and the vibrant shades of fall foliage. This fall shade adds a pop of energy to photos, making them look captivating.

● Mustard yellow is the second shade that perfectly complements pumpkin orange, bringing that cheerful element to a photo. This yellow shade is recognized to radiate happiness, which can make your fall family photo brighter.

● Forest green is incorporated to reflect the lush foliage fall. It balances other colors with the natural touch, bridging the connection to outdoor scenes.

● Earthy brown is another essential color of harvest hues that can be represented by
incorporating grounds and tree trunks on the side of the photo.

Harvest hues color palette can infuse your fall family photos with the beauty of the fall season, making your pictures look like a visual masterpiece.

3. Autumn Bliss

Best Family Photo Outfits

Colors – Plum purple, soft lavender, dusty rose, and muted gray.

As the name suggests, Autumn Bliss has the perfect combination of shades to make your outdoor fall family photos are exquisite and infuse sophisticated and delicate charm.

● Plum purple is a rich and deep color that professionals recommend to add drama and depth to your family pictures. It represents the twilight sky of the autumn season, and you can incorporate this color in your family picture by wearing loads and accessories to create a solid focal point.

● In contrast to plum purple as a deep color, soft lavender is the second shade of autumn bliss palette that can help you balance the calmness and serenity in your photo, harmonizing the fall season’s composure. You can incorporate this color to complement and balance other colors of a photo.

● Dusty rose is another soft color that adds a sense of romance and warmth, reflecting the softness of fall leaves. It radiates a sense of togetherness, an essential element of fall family photos.

● Muted gray can be chosen as a neutral backdrop that allows other colors of a family photo to blend and shine.

With an autumn bliss fall color palette, you can uplift your family photos with the serene beauty of fall through elegance and a timeless collection of pictures.

4. Cozy Neutrals

Fall Family Outfits for Family

Colors – Warm taupe, soft cream, and deep chocolate.

Just like the name, the cozy neutral color palette prompts warmth and comfort, which should be your top priority to include in your fall family photo. You can incorporate this palette by asking your parents to wear taupe sweaters, kids to wear cream corduroys, and grandparents to wear something in deep chocolate.

● Warm taupe is a versatile color to dress up or down. It is an undertone shade that looks good on every skin tone and is good enough to create a warm look for the outdoor fall family photo.

● Soft Dream is a feminine and soft color that can go well with your grandparents and kids’ outfits. To enhance the appearance of this color, the outfits can be paired with neutral shades for a better look.

● Deep chocolate is considered a luxurious color that will suit your parent’s outfit by adding a sophisticated element.

Here are some additional tips:

● Select fabrics that look comfortable and soft, like flannel and cashmere.
● Add fall elements like leaves and branches.
● Shoot in a place that depicts the fall season.

5. Golden Hour

Best Fall Outfits for Family

Colors – Burnt Sienna, golden yellow, rich brown, and warm ivory

If you want to create enchanting fall family photos, the golden hour color palette is your best option. The shade range of this color palette is perfect for encapsulating the glow of sunset.

Burnt sienna is a deep, earthy red-orange shade that can be chosen to showcase fading daylight. The orangish tone brings energy and vibrancy to rouse the look of a photo and make it compelling.

Rich brown resembles shades of earthy tones, imaging the autumn leaves and tree barks, which you can choose to add depth and a rustic tone to your outdoor fall family photos.

Warm ivory represents the neutral base, uplifting golden hour color palette’s warmness, and harmony.

It can highlight your family members’ smiles and other interactions in the picture. The golden hour palette is one of the best fall family photo ideas options. It can be your perfect option to click autumn evening photographs and reflect nostalgia in your family photo.

6. Woodland Whimsy

Family Outfits for Fall Season

Colors – Mossy green, soft teal, chestnut brown, and pale pink

If you want to add a whimsical twist to your family portrait, use the diverse shade range of woodland whimsy color palette. It will help you incorporate the magical forest element, showcasing nature’s brown and green tones.

● Mossy green recalls lush woodland foliage by adding a sense of natural vibe to your photographs. It will count on the serenity and add nature’s essence truly.

● Soft teal is that shade of woodland whimsey color palette that acts as a sense of tranquility and calmness, reflecting depths of the fall season sky or a forest. It complements other colors in a photograph by adding a touch of dreaminess.

● Chestnut brown mirrors the presence of long trees by furnishing depth in a fall family photo. Because browns are known to add warmth, chestnut brown can make your outdoor fall family photo suitable for the autumn season.

● Coming to the last shade, pale pink is used by experts to reflect whimsy and playfulness. It adds to the autumn weather’s beauty in the form of woodland bloom. It will help you make your basic photo appear joyful, which is a must for a family photo’s essential element.

If you want your family photo to be around the forest theme, you can choose woodland whimsey because it will help you capture the magic of the forest but also blend the fall season’s enchantment effortlessly.

7. Vintage Charm

Fall Season Photoshoot

Colors – Antique gold, muted coral, deep navy, and vintage rose

If your family wants a timeless ambiance for the photographs, a vintage charm color palette can be your go-to option. It is a sophisticated color palette combining all its shades to capture the vintage essence and the fall season’s enchanting beauty.

● Antique gold is a warm shade that can act to add a luxurious touch to your fall family photos by serving as an attractive base color. It showcases the cozy vibe of firesides and golden harvests. Professionals choose this shade to add a golden contrast to pictures.

● To add delicateness, muted coral is used. Because coral shades represent warmth and coziness, the vintage charm color palette should enhance a picture’s sense of grace and subtleness.

● Deep navy is the dark shade of a vintage color palette, representing a photo’s dramatic side. It enhances the regal and royalty of an outdoor fall family photo.

● Vintage rose is a muted and soft shade that adds a gentle pop of color, reflecting the fading flowers of the autumn season. A hint of this color is used to showcase a sense of family togetherness.

Vintage charm is a blend of all soft, royal, and golden shades that is a perfect palette to make a photo look vintage.

8. Autumn Jewel Tones

Family Photoshoot Outfits

Colors – Emerald green, deep sapphire blue, and ruby red

● Autumn jewel tones are one of the best fall colors for family photos. The opulent color palette of autumn jewel tones is a fantastic option that showcases some of the essential autumn weather tones, making your pictures look no less than a visual masterpiece.

● Emerald green represents lush fall foliage, adding a refreshing touch and vibrancy to fall family photos. It signifies a sense of vitality by adding renewal and a growth vibe. By incorporating emerald green, you can make your family photo bright and joyful.

● Deep sapphire represents royalty, so you can add the velvety sky of an autumn night using this shade of autumn jewel tones. The deep blue tone adds depth to outdoor fall family photos, creating an enchanting contrast.

● Ruby red is a bright shade that adds warmth and coziness to family photos. It represents the bonding and closeness of a family, which you will love.


In the vibrant fall season, selecting the ideal color palette can uplift your fall family photos from basic to stunning pieces. Whether you go for one, two, or a blend of the best options mentioned above, the color palette will surely make your family photographs appear pleasant and warm, depicting the likeness and bonding of a beautiful sphere of relations.

So, if you were looking for options for the best family photoshoot or photograph editing, know that the eight color palettes of this article will make your vision a reality, and you’ll cherish your family photographs forever.

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