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Types of services in General Photo Editing:

Removing/adding a person Price: $10
Remove objects Price: $5
Body slimming Price: $10
Swap faces Price: $10
Background change Price: $10
Remove double chin Price: $10
Adding hair to bald head Price: $10
Double exposure effect Price: $10
Remove harsh shadow & highlights Price: $10
Change clothes color Price: $10
Teeth whitening Price: $5
Silhouette Effect Price: $5
Add pattern to clothes Price: $5
Realistic wet glass effect Price: $10
Remove Stains Price: $5
Remove glare from glass Price: $10
Remove fences/extreme things Price: $10
Fix messy hairs Price: $10
Turn photo into sketch Price: $15

Types of services in Portrait Photo Editing

Skin smoothing and toning Price: $5
Teeth whitening and eye correction Price: $5
Blemishes and scars removal Price: $5
Swap faces Price: $5
Clear background or make it blurred Price: $5
Overall improvement of facial features Price: $5
Braces removal Price: $15
Applying digital makeup Price: $10
Glass glare removal Price: $10
Remove double chin - from $5 per photo Price: $5
Swap faces Price: $5

Types of services in Real Estate Editing

Day to dusk Price: $10
Item removal Price: $5
Sky replacement Price: $5
Dust and garbage edit Price: $5
Brightness and contrast adjustment Price: $2
Window cut out a replacement Price: $2

Types of services in Old Photo Restoration

Water damage restoration Price: $25
B and W photo colorization Price: $30
Restore and reassemble missing pieces Price: $30
Mold damage repair Price: $5
Photo sharpening Price: $25
Scratches, and blemishes removal Price: $25

Types of services in Photo Manupilation

Changing image background Price: $10
Remove, replace or add an object Price: $5/object
Adding or removing people Price: $5/person
Special effects adding Price: $25
silhouette effect Price: $5
Double exposure effect Price: $5
Realistic wet glass effect Price: $5
Turn photo into sketch Price: $5

Types of services in Product Photography

Photo retouching and cleaning Price: $2
Rotating and resizing Price: $5
Adding shadows and reflections Price: $10/object
Ghost mannequin technique Price: $10
Clipping path/ masking Price: $2
Recoloring elements Price: $2
Reshaping, liquefying, and fixing symmetry Price: $5/object
Model product photo editing Price: $5

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