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I was recently entrusted to a painting of a deceased loved one with family for a Memorial Photo—their commitment to crafting painted pictures of loved ones and paintings of lost loved ones is excellent! Watch my video review to witness the paint family members together.

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My spouse had one really old photo of his father, and the other person in the picture didn’t get along with him. I so requested Picsfast to erase the individual as his Christmas present. The outcomes were astounding and even turned the image into a portrait photograph. I’m looking forward to my hubby seeing it at Christmas. Strongly advised❤️

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I googled “photo restoration near me” and found them at the top of the results. I will recommed you to trust them.

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Very good customer service. My request was finished in a timely manner.

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Why do you let time diminish the cherished memories captured in your old photographs? Embrace the magic of our Memorial Portrait Painting.

Whether you desire a heartfelt painting with deceased loved ones, a touching painting of passed loved ones, or wish to honor paintings of deceased loved ones, our service is here to create meaningful tributes.

Our dedication to preserving the memory of portraits of dead loved ones and crafting paintings for loved ones sets us apart.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions​

A memorial portrait is a piece of art where you paint your loved ones to celebrate and commemorate them. Having a painting of your loved ones is a great way to cherish their memories forever. Here are some ways to customize – 

  1. Make a portrait where you have all your family or just you with your deceased one
  2. Medium used – simple painting, oil painting, or printing
  3. Include text for your loved one
  4. Portrait’s length – 
  • Full-Length: Paints the whole body of the sitter, from head to toe. 
  • Half-Length: Paints the upper half of the body from the waist up.
  • Three-Quarter-Length: The sitter is drawn from the knee up.

The cost of a memorial portrait depends on factors like customizations, design, material, painting, framing, size, rework and every other tiny detail that you choose to make a painting of your loved one.

The factors are not limited to these, it all depends on whatever you choose. It can be a simple memorial portrait or an extravaganza painting of passed loved ones. However, the general pricing may start from $60-$149.

For up to five photos, it is usually 12 hours. For five+ photos, it is more than 24 hours. You can also let us know the turnaround time while submitting the photos.

Steps to make a memorial or painting of passed loved ones –

  • Choose a photo of your deceased loved one, capturing who they really were.
  • Build a design; it can be a designer border around the photo, some decor elements, or similar designs that go well with the photo.
  • Craft text with a font that sits well with the portrait and design.
  • Work with a professional graphic designer for the best design outcome.
  • Try keeping the memorial portrait photo simple and unique. 

However you make a painting of your loved one, make sure that it matches your loved one’s vibe.

You can obey these steps to create a painting of someone who has passed away. First, gather reference photos of clear and high-quality photos of the person you want to paint. Next, you can consult a memorial photo service to get your painting done along with your requirements. They will get you the perfect piece with high quality, just the way you want.

Yes, it’s a heartfelt practice to keep photographs of your loved ones. Photographs are tangible reminders of special moments and the people we care about. They furnish comfort, evoke nostalgia, and help keep memories alive.

The best size of a memorial painting of a loved one depends on what you prefer. As most of the designers offer customization options, you can choose any size for the painting of passed loved ones. Another factor that matters is where you want to keep it. If you want to hang on a wall, you can choose a medium 16X20” or a large – 48X36”. If you want to place it on any side table of your living room, you can go for a smaller memorial photo size – 12X16”

So, decide where you want to place the memorial portrait and talk to a designer for the best size.

Have more question to ask?

If you have more question to ask, you can message us on the live chat. In case, we are not available there, please send us your query on email!

Why Should You Order A Memorial Photo Of Your Deceased Loved Ones?

Here are the reasons why it’s worth having canvas pictures with deceased loved ones:

  • A deceased loved one is still a part of your family: Just because their existence isn’t physically available, it doesn’t mean it’s falling apart. So, they are still a part of your family, and a Memorial Photo is worth it!
  • To preserve the nostalgia and memories to live: Memorial Photos keep memory. Moments are fleeting, and adding a canvas will hold them in your heart for a long-lasting period.
  • As an honour: Do you want to honour your deceased loved one? Then, this is the most prominent time to place a Memorial Photo. Let the honourable picture last longer and create inspiration for whoever looks at it.
  • To accompany the healing process: If you are the type of person grieving for your deceased loved one, let me tell you the secret of your healing therapy. Hang or place a Memorial Photo at a suitable sight where you want to see it. Trust me, you will feel their existence and get virtual comfort.
  • Memorial Photos are tangible: When you lose someone, their memory begins to fade. Thus, to remember them frequently and as a literal reminder, a picture is worth it. Holding a Memorial Photo is tangible and gives your family the comfort they require.
  • A gentle reminder to comfort their existence: Do you want to remember and remind your deceased loved one always? A Memorial Photo will be the best solution. Even though soft copies exist, nothing can beat the solidarity and power of a hard copy like a Memorial Photo. So that each time you look at the canvas, the memories you spent together will flash across.
  • Appreciation of history: Are you someone who cares about history? Then, let the Memorial Photo remind you of your family’s history and pump it up to the next generation.
  • A thoughtful memory gift: Whether it can be a gift for yourself or could turn out to be the best gift for your loved ones. Adding a deceased loved one’s memory and gifting them is a thoughtful and heartfelt present. The beholder will cherish it for a lifetime. It’s more than a valuable gift someone could ever have!
  • A Memorial Photo expresses the beholder’s sentiment: If your deceased loved one means a lot, it’s an emotion to you! The best way to communicate and behold their memories to yourself is through a Memorial Photo. A picture can speak thousands instead of uttering even a single word.
  • To fulfil your deceased loved one’s existence: Do you want to add the image of your deceased loved one to a special occasion? Yes, we understand that you miss them! Hence, order a Memorial Photo and fulfil their presence in your best moments. A Memorial Photo can meet the mental requirements you request even though their company doesn’t exist.

Thus, these are the top reasons for ordering a Memorial Photo of your deceased loved ones.

“Those that touch our lives stay in our hearts forever.”

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