Importance Of Product Photo Editing Before Listing Them Online

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Product Photo Editing

“I don’t care how you photograph – use the kitchen mop if you must, but if the product is not true to the laws of photography … you have produced something dead.” You must have heard this famous quote given by Paul Strand. Photography skill and product photo editing that converts things into a mass consumer product.

We understand that usually unattractive and unpleasant product pictures are overlooked by customers even though the product is of high quality. It is because the un-edited and raw images convey misconceptions to online consumers.

So, if you want to know about a reliable company for product photo editing in the United States that can capture eye-catching images of your product, then you are in the right place. We are providing eCommerce Product photo editing services in the U.S. In addition, in this article, we will explain why it is important to edit the product photos before listing them at your online shop.

Product Photo Editing for Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce is a wonderful process of selling and buying products online. According to 2021 eCommerce worldwide statistics, 21.8% of the world’s population purchases online, demonstrating 1.66 billion people. It is worth mentioning that e-retail sales exceeded 4.2 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide. Furthermore, in 2017 the market share by Amazon was 37% and increased day by day till now.

No doubt, among many other factors that attract consumers to the eCommerce business, product photo editing or photo retouching is of great importance.

If the product photo is not eye-catchy, it will not attract consumers to submit the order to your eCommerce shop. It will drop down the sales that will cause you severe loss in the long run. We are sure you don’t want this situation at your online store. Otherwise, you would not be searching about “product photography services near me.”

Importance of Product Photo Editing in Details

lets us discuss the importance of product photo editing for your eCommerce business in detail:

1. Images Make a First Impression of your product

The common phrase first impression is the last one is of great importance in an eCommerce business. During online shopping, customers look for two things, one is the product description, and the other is the product photograph.

Although both are worthless without one another, the images get more attention. Justuno states that 93% of customers consider photos the key factor in the purchase.

So, editors use different editing techniques, including clear backgrounds and glossy effects, to get customers’ attraction photos. With photo editing, one can give a shadow effect to a product image that gives a real touch to the image.

Moreover, with a reflection shadow effect, editors produce a mirror effect allowing extra amazement to the photograph. This way, your consumers will have a precise idea about the product, and the first impression will convert visitors into regular customers.

2. Attracts New Customers

Well-edited photographs attract customers by mentioning the parts, and explaining them to customers briefly with a visual presentation of the topic. So, the product image has the tendency to make or break the sale.

According to a survey, 90% of Etsy buyers stated that the quality of photo images is an essential factor in online purchases for them. Hence, it showcases the importance of photo editing for attracting new customers.

3. Adjust Product Size

Photo editing is important for adjusting your product size and resolutions. Undoubtedly, a high-resolution product image increases the details on display and makes a better user experience. A product photo size in the 1200 to 1600px range is considered ideal.

It provides a better zoom function, effective distribution, and accurate details, due to which the consumers do not feel afraid of being scammed. However, photo editors keep in mind the page load time. Sometimes very large images take more load timing, due to which most customers leave your eCommerce site.

4. Color Correction

According to the elastic path, if an eCommerce website just uses photoshop to flip colors, it negatively affects the customer. A bad impression of your product falls on them, and they do not purchase from your site.

Customers want to see the image in different angles captured originally of different items. Apart from this, dull colors do not attract customers. So, skilled photo editors take product photos from different angles with original color to showcase that pictures are of different items, not the same item.

5. 360-Degree View increase sale

Photography professionals use 360-degree images view. It ensures the customers that they have seen the product from every angle. In addition, Reports show that show 360-degree images reported an increase in add-to-cart rate by 32 %, and overall conversion increased by 22 %. So with photo editing, you confirm to the customers that our product is great from every angle.

Do you want to edit your photos? We are offering a free demo edit only for the new customers. We provide services like Photo touch-ups, removing or adding a person, old photo restoration, background change, and many more services.

6. Lighting Effects

Not only the camera but lightning can break or make an image. Alto of fancy gear works best for photo editing. On the other hand, for product photography, natural lightning also produces excellent effects. Furthermore, photo editors take shots near a large window or during the daytime in an open environment. Sometimes, photographers avoid extra bright spots and dark shadows by using a white foam board for reflecting light on the product.

7. Different Types for Different Purposes

One image is not enough for a single product. You have to shoot images many images for different purposes. For example, a standard photograph with a white background is good for a marketplace, and for your own website, branded photoshoots are best. With a detailed shot, one can highlight different features of a product. Therefore, skilled photographers and editors ensure that the photo size serves the right purpose.

8. Consistency of Product Images

To ensure that all your products belong to your brand, there must be consistency in your product photographs. As well as that, products photographs can be shot from a different angle but simultaneously and distance. Besides, consistency in color palate and tone is crucial. You can achieve it through proper photo editing.

9. Good Images Contribute to Website SEO

It is worth mentioning that photos on your website contribute to SEO. Optimized product images help you gain the interest of consumers for your products. Naming the photo file and the Alt text describes the product photograph to search engines, and they easily understand and rank it. In addition, the Photo editors can make the image size and type as per your choice, including JPEG.

10. Boosting Your Brand

We believe that clear product images are like an active brand ambassador that shows your brand and style efficiently, simply, and effectively. So, if someone wants to boost their brand, they should work on their product photography. It will make your website more recognizable and develop customer trust in your items and company.

Product photography is a long-term investment. A professionally captured product photo conveys to your consumers that your brand is professional, of high quality, innovative that considers the needs of its customers.

11. Competitive Edge

No doubt, there is high competition in the market for online shopping websites. Different shops have various product styles, ratings and reviews, price ranges, and many other things. If you have experience with online shopping, you must be aware that customers check different stores before making a final decision. Now it’s up to you how you can grab the customers by listing your products in glamours and clear way.

12. Supports Social Media Efforts

Nowadays, with visual-heavy networks including Pinterest and Instagram, it is crucial to upload product images that look appealing to the eyes. Moreover, quality and clear images on your social media accounts help you expand your social commerce efforts.

13. Product Background

Furthermore, Product photography background is another important factor in your eCommerce store sales. Product photos that include distracting background fail to convert visitors into your consumers. Moreover, this type of photo will not represent your product. On the other side, if the image of your product is well-edited with a clear background, then it will definitely grab the viewer’s attention.

14. Save Money and Time

Photo retouching, when done at home, costs you a lot of money and time. On the other side, professional photo editing companies can be of great help as they have the right training and skills for editing. In addition, they have an expert creative opinion about your brand products representation. Besides, they can give a fresh perspective about photo editing.


In short, the success of your online eCommerce website, including Amazon,  Newegg, eBay, Zappos, or any other shopping website, depends on the product photographs that you display. We have discussed the importance of photo editing for online stores in detail above.

For achieving top quality and creative photos, you must rely on product photo editing online companies. At Picsfast you can get quality product photo editing and general photo editing services across the globe.

Our team guarantees you high-quality, sharp pixels with a profound amalgamation of photographs for your websites, Advertising campaigns, look books, catalog, and social media accounts. We guarantee you a fantastic and clear image of your product that will increase your sale.

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