7 Tips to Prepare Your Kids for a Successful Photo Session

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Preparing your child for a photo session can be stressful, especially if it’s their first one. While you want your kid to feel comfortable in front of the camera, you don’t want them to appear stiff or unnatural when you see the final results. Here are seven tips for the kids photo session to appear natural and relaxed in front of the camera and get great pictures out of it.

Talk to your kids about the photo session beforehand

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The most important thing is to prepare your kids before the photo session. Be honest about what will happen, and let them know that it’s ok if they don’t feel comfortable at all times. Talk about what they can expect when the photographer arrives, whether it’s wearing clothes they like or picking out some of their favorite toys and playing with them. 

Some kids may not be able to participate fully in a photo session because they’re too shy or need more time to get comfortable. 

Choose a location that your kids will be comfortable in

Photo sessions are meant to be fun, so getting your kids comfortable in the space is the key. Consider setting up a photo session at home or their favorite place. Kids’ rooms, playgrounds, and neighborhood parks all work well. Be sure you clean before starting the photoshoot though! Bring plenty of things that they love: Kids love to play dress up, so make sure you bring props like hats, masks, costumes, sunglasses, and more that they can get creative with. 

Bring them breakfast: One of my favorite things about photography sessions is bringing food! Pack up some snacks like cereal bars and fruit snacks for them to munch on during the shoot. Avoid messy foods that will have crumbs everywhere though.

Let your kids choose their outfits

I’ve been taking my kids on photo sessions since they were babies, and I always let them choose their outfits. One of my favorite outfits that I let them choose was when we all went as pirates with bandanas around our necks and eye patches on. Another time we did an underwater-themed shoot with bubbles coming out of the kids’ mouths. 
The kids were so excited about getting wet and looking like mermaids that it made me excited too! If you want some ideas about how to prepare your kids for a successful photo session, these are seven tips:
Get your kids in the mood by playing some music or having an activity beforehand. Give them the freedom to dress up in whatever they want. Use props! Kids love them! Ask questions before you take pictures so you know what your kids are interested in.

Bring snacks and drinks

The first step in preparing your kids for a successful photo session is giving them something that will keep them happy and entertained. Healthy snacks are always best, but if you’re not feeling that, then cookies or other sugary treats are an option. Bring drinks in your bag too, like water or juice, because hydration is important! If you’re photographing outside on a hot day, grab some sunscreen and hats while you’re at it.

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Take breaks during the photo session

I always take breaks in between the photo session. I like to let kids stretch and look around while they eat. This helps them feel less self-conscious and more relaxed in front of the camera, which is what I’m going for.
The best way to start is by asking their opinion on an idea you have or if they would want to bring something from home (e.g., a stuffed animal). That will get them excited about being involved in the process and making it their own unique experience. And another thing you can do is bring some music with you so there’s something soothing playing in the background, which will also help kids feel more at ease.

Bring extra outfits

Prepare your kids for a photo session by thinking about their clothing. The best thing to do is bring extra outfits and accessories in case they need them. Kids are usually wearing more than one outfit at school, so this should be no problem! And if you have an outfit change mid-session, your photographer will appreciate the quick break.

Reward your kids after the photo session

Rewarding your kids after the photo session with either a snack or fun activity will make them more eager to sit still and smile. They must be reminded that they did great and that this is just one of many sessions.

Frequently asked questions for kids' photo session

1. Poses to teach your kids before photoshoot

At the session, kids must know how to pose in front of the camera. Here are 7 tips on what to do before your kids’ photo session:
• Greet the photographer with a smile and say hello.
• Stand up straight, relax, and make eye contact.
• Try not to fidget or touch your hair or face.
• Look at the camera when you are being photographed. Don’t just look at the photographer.
• Smile big! Make sure your teeth show through your smile.

2. How do you take cute pictures of kids?

Kids are like little sponges and they absorb everything around them. It’s our job as parents to teach them how to react and behave in different social situations, but the most important thing is we want them to have fun. Kids have their own unique personalities that we need to learn about before taking any photo session so we can capture who they really are.

Wrapping up

Kids photo sessions can be an incredible experience for both children and parents. I hope you found these tips useful in preparing your kids for their photo session.

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