How to remove double chin from photo magically for free in 2024

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We all want to look good in pictures. But imperfections ruin what we want, one of them is the double chin. So, remove the double chin from the photos.

It looks extremely bad on the face, especially in the photo.

Isn’t it?

So, this article will help you remove the double chin from the photo.

My goal is to help you learn:

  • Remove the double chin in Photoshop
  • Best Double Chin Remover App
  • Photo Editor to Remove Double Chin

Before we move further, let’s see the before and after images.

Remove Double Chin

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Why you should edit out double chin?

Certainly, here’s the text with added transition words for improved flow:

Well, the answer to this is very simple. No one wants to look ugly in photos, especially when it comes to group photos or those destined for Instagram.

If you’re aiming to eliminate a double chin in your pictures, take a moment to read this article and carefully follow the steps provided to attain a more slender chin.

In response to this common concern, we’ve devised a rapid solution.

For those pressed for time and seeking to promptly edit out a double chin from their photos, you have the option to hire us for this task.

We have well-experienced Photoshop editors who can help you.

Double Chin Photo Editor Free Online?

If you are searching for a free online double-chin photo editor, this article will provide you with significant assistance.

However, you may come across a free photo editor; nonetheless, attaining a flawless result is unlikely.

In contrast, opting to submit your photos to us via the quick form below could be a better approach. All that’s needed is to include your name, email, and requirements, and attach the files.

Subsequently, within just a few hours, we will edit the photos and send you a watermarked preview.

Contact Us to Remove Double Chin

How to Remove Double Chin in Photoshop

Removing the double chin in Photoshop would be quite easy for you if you followed up on these steps with focus.

Step #1: Open the photo in photoshop and the first thing is to define the jaw. You can do this by making a mask or using the pen tool.

I would recommend using the pen tool to select the jaw sharply.

Step #2: Select the pen tool and start defining the jaw. Just from the above of the fatlike area.

Define the Jaw - Remove Double Chin from Photo

Remember you are the cosmetic surgeon right here so you need to define how the jaw is going to be without the double chin. The risk is on you.

Once you have made the selection, do not forget to save the path.

Make sure to rename all layers like me to not messed up things.

Make two copies of the background layer

Step #3: Make two copies of the background layer by pressing [CTRL+J] or [Command+J] twice. After that, rename the top layer “above chin” and the bottom layer “below chin.”

Just like cosmetic surgery, we have to push in the below chin to hide the fat under the chin.

how to edit out the double chin from photo

Step #4: With the selection path active, right-click on the path and make a selection. Second, go to the above chin layer and create a mask.

Ensure the area above the chin is still visible and the area below is hidden.

Step #5: Next, select the “below chin” layer to push it in. Before doing anything, let’s convert this layer into a smart filter so that we can change the values of any filter later.

To do that, go to filters” then click on Convert for smart filter”.

Now we are going to push the below-chin layer a little bit inside, and before we get into it, duplicate the above-chin layer.

Edit out the double chin online

When using Liquify, the upper chin layer’s mask isn’t factored in. To fix this, apply the mask by clicking on it and selecting “Apply Layer Mask.” This is why we keep a copy of the mask for future edits.

Check the "Show backdrop"

Step #6: Select the below chin layer and go to the liquify tool. Scroll down the slider and make sure “show backdrop” is checked.

Now use the toggle to select the “above chin layer copy” layer so that you can see the effect in real-time.

Step #7: Select the forward warp tool with lower pressure and start pushing the chin upward, but slowly and gradually. Make sure the hair is not affected.

Get rid of double chin app

To play safe, utilize the freeze mask tool to protect specific areas.

Be cautious not to overuse it, maintaining a natural look by not pushing the chin too much. Lastly, click “OK” to save.

how to get rid of double chin in photos

Step #8: Now it’s time to soften the edges, but we have already applied the layer mask.

But that was just for liquifying so we could delete that layer. Now we can deal with the mask.

So just select the mask and zoom in to the edges. Select the “blur tool” and keep the “flow” to somewhere around 3-4%.

Now, start painting on the edges that you want to soften.

Next, you can also add some shadows under the above chin layer to make it look more natural.

That’s it!

We are done with the tutorial on removing double chins in Photoshop.

What app removes double chin?

There are many apps to edit out the double chin from the photo. Selecting the best is quite difficult because all these are rivals.

Remember, the best is the one that is easy to use for you. In my opinion, PicsArt gives you a wide range of control in photo editing.

In an editor’s opinion, it is one of the best apps for photo editing on the market.

How to edit out a double chin on iPhone?

Hundreds of people search for how to get rid of a double chin in pictures. Especially on the iPhone.

So, we are going to use the PicsArt app to edit out a double chin on an iPhone. Stay tuned and follow the steps.

How to remove double chin in PicsArt?

Watch this video to remove double chin in mobile. Now let’s head towards it.

If you are an Android user and want to edit out the double chin, then this part would be beneficial for you.

There are two methods for removing a double
chin in PicsArt:

1. Using an AI tool

2. Using the Draw tool

The first method is the easiest one
but this feature is only available in the “Gold” version of PicsArt. You have
to buy the premium version first.

Also, you can try the 7-days of the free trial of PicsArt.

Let’s start with this method first.

Removing double chin in PicsArt - 1st Method

Step #1: Open the image in PicsArt and tap on the “retouch” icon. It will open a retouch panel.

Step #2: From there, select the face and then the “chin” icon. Bring down the slider according to your desired level.

Step #3: Now, select the third option from the left, next to the “Chin” icon, and bring the slider down somewhere around 20%. It will shrink the size throat which will help to look the chin slimmer.

Step #4: Save the image by hitting the tick icon in the upper-right corner.

That’s it. These are the process of the first method of removing the double chin in PicsArt.

Move toward the second process. This method is a little harder than the first one. But, the second one does not require a premium subscription.


Let’s dive into the tutorial.

Removing double chin in PicsArt - 2nd Method

Step #1: Open the image in PicsArt and go to the tools menu then select “stretch tool”.

Open Tools Menu

Step #2: Set the “Power” to somewhere around 85% and the size of the brush to 80%.

Set the Power Accoringly to remove double chin from photo

Step #3: Zoom in to the picture and start smudging the chin upward. Ensure you don’t do too much. Hit the save button once it’s done.

Shift the Chin Upward

Step #4: Now, add the same image again above the current image. Simply do it by just tapping on “Add photo”. 

Add photo to the PicsArt

Step #5: After adding the image, go to the eraser tool to remove the chin. Now, set the hardness to 90% and the size accordingly.

Step #6: Zoom in to the image and start erasing the chin slowly and gradually. Hit the right tick to save the changes.

Erase the Chin

Step #7: After that, let’s add some shadows to the image to look it more natural. Go to the “tools” menu and select “adjust” then decrease the brightness.

Add shadow - Remove Double Chin from Photos

In my case, I will decrease it to -16 then go to the eraser and invert the changes. Now select the “restore” pencil and add the shadows to just under the chin.

Once it’s done, save the image to the gallery.

Boom, we have covered another method also.

Remove the double chin using Photoshop generative fill A.I.

This might be the easiest step in the entire tutorial!

1. Grab the Lasso Tool. We’ll use this tool to select the area around the chin.
2. Make a Clean Selection: Draw a selection around the chin, leaving a small buffer outside the edge for the best outcome.
3. Right-click and choose “Generative Fill”: After you’ve made your selection, right-click anywhere within it and choose “Generative Fill” from the menu that appears.
4. Leave the Prompt Empty (Optional): The “Prompt” area can be left blank. If you’d like, you can simply type “chin” there.
5. Click “Generate” and see the magic happen: Hit the “Generate” button and wait a few seconds. In most cases, you’ll get a great result on the first try. However, you can always regenerate if you’re not quite satisfied.

Remove double chin from photo online for free?

There are no ways to remove the double in the photo for free without getting the imperfections.

By following the above steps, you can do it for free on your own, but it might be a hectic process for you if you are a beginner.

For the people like you, we have a solution to solve your problems by providing a double chin removal service.

You will get a great user experience by hiring us to edit your photos.

Prevent double chin appearance in pictures

Here are a few expert-suggested tips to prevent double chin while taking the photos.

Mind Your Posture: Maintaining top posture is vital to avoid accentuating a double chin. Stand up straight, together with your shoulders again, and your chin barely lifted. By attractively defining your middle and extending your neck, you create a streamlined look that minimizes the danger of a double chin revealing itself.

Find Your Best Angle: Angles can be your great friends in relation to decreasing the appearance of a double chin in photos. You need to try to tilt your head in a way that seems proper. Avoid facing the digital camera head-on, as this can accentuate the chin location. Instead, flip your face barely to at least one side, elongating your neck and developing a more defined jawline.

Lower the Camera: When someone takes a picture from a higher vantage point, it is able to make the double chin more apparent. To counteract this, ask the photographer to decrease the digicam to eye level or slightly beneath. This approach helps create a extra flattering angle and reduces the visibility of any more pores and skin below the chin.

Chin Positioning: Proper chin positioning could make a real difference in pictures. Extend your neck forward a bit and push your chin ever so slightly down. This easy adjustment allows you to outline the jawline and limit any undesirable fullness beneath the chin. Remember to keep it herbal and comfortable, as forced poses can frequently appear stiff or unnatural.

You should try these tips on your next shot.

Conclusion: Achieve Picture-Perfect Results

In this tutorial, we have learned the process of removing double chins in Photoshop & mobile apps.

Just follow these steps and give them some practice. Surely you will get perfect results with time.

You can also hire us to remove the double chin from photos for you. Also, we provide a demo. So don’t wait any further, and get a free demo.

Need help in photo editing?

Have any question to ask?

If you have any question to ask or want to hire us then you can message us on the live chat. In case, we are not available there, please send us your query on email!

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