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Are you curious about the new neural filters in Photoshop? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at all of the neural filters available in Adobe Photoshop, from the Neural Styles filter to the Neural Enhance filter. With these amazing neural filters, you can quickly and easily make incredible changes to your photos and designs. So let’s dive in and explore these amazing neural filters in Photoshop!

In the new version of Photoshop contains many neural filters, Have a look at them.

Neural filters online

Let’s see about all the neural filters below.

Skin Smoothing:

Neural Filters online

The Neural Filters in Photoshop provide a powerful tool for smoothing skin in portraits. With Neural Filters, you can easily adjust and remove skin imperfections and acne with a few clicks. This filter utilizes sophisticated algorithms that use AI technology to recognize facial features and apply smoothing to surrounding them.

You can also use Neural Filters to enhance your portrait’s overall complexion. With this technology, you can create a smoother and more natural look by removing any texture or color variations on the skin. Additionally, you can find many online Neural Filters that can help you further refine your portrait and make it look stunning.

Smart Portrait:

Neural Filter in Photoshop

The Smart Portrait filter in Photoshop’s Neural Filters is a powerful tool to help you quickly and easily enhance portraits. It enables you to adjust a portrait’s features, such as expressions, facial age, lighting, pose, and hair, all with just a few clicks of the mouse. With this Neural Filter in Photoshop, you can create realistic portraits with a few adjustments or experiment with more creative effects.

The Smart Portrait filter also works with other neural filters online, so that you can share and collaborate on your creative projects with friends or colleagues. With Smart Portrait and Photoshop’s Neural Filters, you have the tools to take your portraits to the next level!

Makeup Transfer:

Neural Filter in Photoshop

Makeup Transfer is one of the most popular neural filters in Photoshop. This filter is designed to apply a similar makeup style to the eyes and mouth areas of an image while preserving the underlying facial features.
Makeup Transfer can be used to alter the look of an image with minimal effort dramatically. For example, if you have a portrait photo where the subject isn’t wearing any makeup, Makeup Transfer can instantly give them a dramatic, glamorous makeover.

However, it requires a sample image to copy the makeup and paste into the image we want to edit.

Alternatively, it can create a subtle, more natural look. Makeup Transfer can also be used on photos taken with non-professional cameras, as it doesn’t require high-resolution images to achieve good results.

Additionally, many neural filters are now available online, making it even easier to access this powerful tool without needing a subscription to Photoshop but this filter in photoshop is entirely different.

Landscape Mixer:

Photoshop neural filters

This Neural Filter in Photoshop allows users to magically transform a landscape by mixing it with another image or changing its attributes, like the time of day and season. This is achieved using the Landscape Mixer filter. It allows you to take two different landscape images and mix them to create a uniquely new idea.

The Neural Filter also can manipulate attributes such as color, saturation, and brightness of both images, while preserving the details of each one. Furthermore, you can apply this filter online with Neural Filters Online.

This feature makes it easy to share your creations with the world! With Landscape Mixer, you can create stunningly unique images that look like they could never be produced with just one shot.

Style Transfer:

Photoshop AI

Style Transfer is one of the most powerful Neural Filters in Photoshop. It allows users to transfer the texture, color, and style from a reference image or apply the style of a specific artist to their photographs.

This feature is perfect for creating artistic images from your photos. With Style Transfer, you can easily recreate the unique style of famous paintings or emulate the look of a particular artist with just a few clicks. And if you don’t want to use a reference image, you can also find a wide variety of online Neural Filters that you can apply to your photos.


Harmonization in photoshop

Harmonization is a powerful neural filter in Photoshop that allows you to blend two layers seamlessly. It works by analyzing both layers and adjusting the color and luminosity of one layer to match that of the other. This can create a more natural composite, allowing you to combine different images easily.
You can also find neural filters online which can be used to achieve this same effect. Harmonization is a handy tool for creating realistic composites that look as if they were all taken simultaneously.

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Color Transfer:

Neural Filter in Photoshop

The Neural Filters in Photoshop allow you to transfer a color palette from one image to another, giving a creative twist to your photos. With this tool, you can turn a landscape photo into something that looks like a painting or issue a portrait with a vintage feel. The Neural Filters online also offers the Color Transfer filter, allowing you to quickly and easily transfer the color of one image onto another.

This filter will automatically adjust the hue, saturation, and luminance of the target image to match the source image, giving your photos a completely new look. With this filter, you can instantly transform your photos with just a few clicks.


Colorize AI Feature In Photoshop

The neural filters in Photoshop and online can be used to colorize black-and-white photographs. Colorize makes adding color to a black-and-white image easy and provides precise control over the process. With this tool, you can apply an overall color palette to your photo or use a brush to add color selectively.

It also allows you to adjust each color’s hue, saturation, and brightness, ensuring that your results look natural.

Additionally, it’s easy to experiment with different combinations of color to give your photos an original, creative look.

Super Zoom:

Super zoom AI Feature in Photoshop

The Super Zoom Neural Filter in Photoshop is an excellent tool for those looking to quickly crop and zoom in on an image while maintaining resolution. This filter utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to fill in details lost due to the cropping and zooming, ensuring that your photos remain sharp and clear. With this filter, you can crop and zoom in or out on images to get the perfect shot without sacrificing detail or clarity. The neural filters available in Photoshop make it easy to apply the same effect to multiple images, saving time while still getting great results. For those wanting to use neural filters online, many free services utilize AI to provide similar results.

Depth Blur:

Depth Blur Neural filter

Depth Blur is one of the new Neural Filters in Photoshop. This filter can add environmental depth to an image, allowing you to focus attention on a foreground or background object. With the Neural Filters in Photoshop, you can create a realistic-looking blur and add selective focus, which can be used to give an otherwise flat image more atmosphere. This filter works best with portraits and landscape images that feature large objects with clearly defined foreground and background elements. When using the Depth Blur, you can also adjust the amount of blur and the size of the area that will be affected. In addition, you can also use Neural Filters online to apply the same effects to your photos.

JPEG Artifacts Removal:

Neural Filter in Photoshop

One of the most useful neural filters in Photoshop is JPEG Artifacts Removal. This filter can reduce the appearance of artifacts resulting from JPEG compression, making images look more natural and detailed. With this filter, you can quickly and easily remove any artifacts, giving your photos a cleaner and more professional look. There are now several online neural filters available that can also help reduce the appearance of JPEG artifacts. Whether you use Photoshop or an online neural filter, JPEG Artifacts Removal is an excellent tool for removing unwanted noise from images.

Photo Restoration Neural Filter:

Neural Filter in Photoshop

When restoring old photos and bringing them back to life, photo restoration neural filters in Photoshop can be a great tool. These powerful filters can easily remove spots, blemishes, and other imperfections from photos.

The Neural Filters in Photoshop can be used to restore old photos quickly. With the power of AI, you can enhance the contrast and details of the image while removing any scratches that may have been present. To get the most out of this filter, it’s best to combine it with Colorize for further enhancement.

Neural Filters FAQs

How do I enable the neural filters in Photoshop?

Neural Filters are accessible in Photoshop by navigating to the Filter menu and selecting Neural Filters. From there, you can choose from various neural filter presets available online, allowing you to edit your images with precision and ease.
Once you’ve found the neural filter you want to use, select it and click the download button to begin installing the filter. After it has finished downloading, you’ll be able to enable and adjust the filter according to your needs. Whether you want to smooth out your skin, make a portrait pop, or transfer a makeup look, Photoshop’s neural filters will help you achieve the perfect look for your photos.

Why doesn't my Photoshop have neural filters?

If you’re using the basic or trial version of Photoshop, then unfortunately you won’t have access to the neural filters. Neural filters are only available in the licensed version of Photoshop. If you want to use these powerful features, you’ll need to purchase the full version of Photoshop. Alternatively, you can try some free neural filters online, such as those offered by Adobe Creative Cloud.


Neural filters in Photoshop offer users a wide range of editing options, allowing them to quickly and easily enhance photos and create unique effects. With the ability to smooth skin, transfer makeup, harmonize colors, and more, these neural filters are a powerful tool for any photographer or graphic designer.

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