7 Best Action Camera Flashlights For Shooting in 2023

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Are you struggling to have shots with your action camera at night or when the sun sets due to low light? If yes, then investing in an action camera flashlight is a good idea. You cannot get the best out of your action camera if it has poor light-image quality.

So, attaching an action camera with a flashlight will improve your action camera’s image quality and clarity.

Best Action Camera Flashlight

For this purpose, we have reviewed the 7 best cameras for you so that you can have the best product in hand. Also, we have tried and tested these products and listed our best recommendations too. If you want to know about each product in detail, then keep reading the article below.

Comparison Table

Go through this comparison table to get an idea that these camera flashlights are different from one another.

Quick pick section

If you are in a hurry, then check out these 3 recommendations.

The first one is Suptig 60 LED Video Light comes with 4 lightning modes, is durable, and has 24 hours longer battery life. Our second recommendation is Suptig High Power Light, which is best for underwater usage.

The third one is the SmallRing LED Video Light as its size is very small, its weight is light, and this is one of the best sports camera flashlights.

7 best action camera flashlights

1. Suptig 60 LED Video Light -Overall best light

Action camera flashlight

Key Features

  • Includes 4 lighting mode
  • 164ft Waterproof flashlight
  • Rechargeable built-in battery

This action camera flashlight has perfect compatibility, and one can use it with GoPro Hero 3 to GoPro Hero11. Also, you can use it with your smartphone, digital camera, SLR and action cameras, etc. this flashlight is good for casual shootings.

With four lighting modes, you can choose anyone as per your requirements. These are the SOS mode that works for 24 hours and low light modes that are suitable for 14 hours. Apart from this, the other modes are high light modes workable for 5 hours and mid-light modes that you can use for 6.5 hours.

As mentioned, the flashlight is waterproof, so you can get your clear shots underwater or if it is raining. We have observed that under 12 m diving depth, due to water pressure, it is impossible to turn it on. So better to turn it on before starting diving.

With a built-in rechargeable battery, you will not have to worry about charging. The charging is easy as you can charge it with a Micro USB cable. Do keep in mind that the battery life depends on how bright the light is and how long you keep on. We recommend having a power bank along if you are planning to use it all day outside.



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2. GoPro Light Mod - Official GoPro Accessory: Best light with 200 lumens

Key features

  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • 33ft Waterproof flashlight
  • Perfect compatibility
  • 4 levels of brightness

GoPro light Mod knows no introduction when it comes to discussing the best flashlights for action cameras. This flashlight is featured 200 lumens of brightness that provide maximum light output. Additionally, you can use the 200 lumens in the overdrive mode for up to 30 seconds.

The advertisement claims that the built-in battery works for 6 hours, and this is true. We have used it, and it worked great, so the battery life is impressive. Also, it is compatible with a wide range of GoPro cameras, GoPro Hero8 to GoPro Hero 10 Black and other accessories manufactured by GoPro.

Moreover, It is waterproof so you can use it outside in the rain or during swimming. It also comes with a mount that is compatible with the GoPro mounts.



Reviews with images

3. Suptig High Power Light: overall best underwater Light

Key features

  • Perfect compatibility
  • 5 hours rechargeable battery life
  • 3 modes of light
  • 145ft waterproof

This camera flash light is made from plastic and stainless steel. That’s why you will not have to worry about rust if you use it in the sea.

Moreover, it is claimed that this flashlight camera is 145 ft waterproof, and it is true as we have tested it underwater. You can use it as a sports camera flashlight when you are swimming or racing in woody areas.

Like the above camera flashlight we reviewed, this product is also compatible with GoPro hero 3 to GoPro hero 11, GoPro max, Dji Osmo 4K Camera, AKASo, and many other cameras. It is featured a rechargeable battery and comes with three modes of light, including the high light mode, which works for 1.5 hours; low light mode, which works for 4 hours and the SOS mode, which you can use for approximately 6 hours.



4. Suptig Video Lights: Best light with 5 illuminating colors

Action camera flashlight

Key features

  • Perfect compatibility
  • 5 different illuminating colors
  • 147ftt waterproof feature
  • Built-in rechargeable battery

This action flashlight is manufactured from stainless steel and ultra-durable PC material. Consequently, show full resistance to water and rust. Also, its design is unique, and the battery is chargeable.

It has 5 different illuminating colors, including Red light, Blue light, Pink light, white light, and Golden light. Moreover, you can adjust the brightness level of light. The white light mode works for 2.5 hours, and the pink, Blue, Red, and golden light work for 3.5 hours.

It is 147ft waterproof, but we have tested it, and it works for up to 45 meters. It is also compatible with GoPro hero 3 to GoPro hero 11, Sony SLR camera, Panasonic Slr camera, Canon Slr camera, and many others.



5. ULANZI VL49 2000mAh LED Video Light

Key features

  • 5 hours of battery life
  • Adjustable Color Temperature
  • Comes with cold shoe mounts

This camera flashlight includes a rechargeable battery that you can fully charge in 2 hours. Moreover, the battery life is 5 hours smooth, but if you use it at maximum brightness, it will work up to 2 hours.

Apart from this, it has a cold shoe mount that is compatible with the DJI Osmo action camera. However, you can also connect it with other DSLR camera systems, including Sony DSLRs and Canon DSLRs.

Additionally, you can adjust the color temperature by your needs. Also, it is featured with 49 LED lights having a CRI of approximately 95. That is why you will not experience an issue of post-grading workload. It also has 3 extendable connection joints, so you can connect additional light with it too.



6. SmallRing LED Video Light: Best Sports Camera flashlight

Action camera flashlight

Key features

  • Adjustable battery levels
  • Waterproof design
  • Universal screw hole
  • Equipped with high-quality COB

This small-size camera flash light is suitable for professional photography, including product photography. Also, it is featured with high-quality COB that makes it perfect for sports usage, including camping, cycling, swimming, and vlogging also. In addition, it comes with adjustable brightness levels so you can adjust the light accordingly.

Apart from this, it has an inbuilt 800mAh lithium battery that you can fully charge in one hour. The maximum battery life of this camera flashlight is 5 hours. Also, it is a waterproof flashlight, and it is also resistant to heat and dust, which makes this camera flashlight highly durable. You can mount it with many devices with its universal screw hole.



7. Simorr LED Video Light, Portable Camera Lights

Action camera flashlight

Key features

  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Includes 3 cold shoe mounts
  • 96 LED video light
  • Dimmable to 2700 – 6500k

This portable LED video light is compatible with many cameras, including Sony mirrorless camera systems. It comes with 96 LED beads that provide maximum light output. Moreover, it has 120 degrees of illumination, so it throws light in every direction.

In addition, you can adjust the color temperature of lights as it includes options for 2700 to 6500 K . You can change it accordingly from bright warm color to a cool bright color. Apart from this, it also has the option of controlling the level of brightness from 0 to 100 percent.

The rechargeable battery works for about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Therefore, we do not recommend this for longer useful as it comes with standard 1/4 screw and 3 cold shoe mounts, so you can also add additional lights.



Buyers Guide

Before choosing the best action camera flashlight there, you will need to know about certain things. For this purpose, we have given a brief buying guide for you that will make your selection easier.

Check Compatibility

Checking the compatibility of the camera flashlight is very essential. What if you buy a camera flashlight that is not compatible with your camera? As it sucks when you don’t read the product description for compatibility. Although you can connect it with an adapter, it is better to go for a camera flashlight that is naturally adaptable.

Moreover, some camera flashlights have specific mounting capabilities that you can only connect with specific cameras. However, some cameras, like GoPro, are compatible with most flashlights.

Battery life of the camera flashlight

The battery life is the second important feature to consider while buying your favorite camera flashlight. Battery life of light varies, some flashlights have only a 2-hour battery life while others have longer. If you buy a flashlight for long hours shooting, then go for a flashlight with longer battery life.

Moreover, whether you want a light with a recharging battery or a traditional battery, plus point of the rechargeable battery is that you will not need to buy a new battery, but it will require charging from time to time.

On the other hand, with a traditional battery-driven flashlight, you can change the battery in seconds, and it will not waste your time, as with the charging on, you will take a break when the battery charging becomes low. So have traditional battery-driven flashlights if you are planning to buy them for longer shoots.

Camera Flashlight Weight

Before buying your camera flashlight, check its weight. It depends on how big you need your light or the purpose of its usage. For instance, if you are using the camera on your head, then you will need a low-weight camera flashlight. A heavyweight camera flashlight will undoubtedly put more load on your neck and shoulders.

In addition, heavyweight camera flashlights are not recommended for people who travel a lot. Also, do not go for a heavyweight camera flashlight if you use it on a gimbal, as you will not be able to walk with it for a long time.

Weather resistance level

Check whether the camera flashlight you are buying is weather sealed or not. If you want a camera flashlight that you can use for recording your swimming strokes, then it’s best to buy weather sealed one or a waterproof camera flashlight.

Lumen and Beam strengths

The beam light of the flashlight depends on the number of lumens. It depends on your needs and how many lumens will suit you best. These are mentioned in the product description of the camera flashlight. It basically tells you about the light output of your flashlight.

A camera light having on lumen will have light output ten times greater than moonlight. The more lumens there are, the greater beam strength will be.

We recommend buying a flashlight with many lumens if you use it in darker areas, including cycling in forest areas or sports including diving. A small flashlight also affects the light output, so consider the light beam area. 


In short, there are many camera flashlights available on the market. Action camera flashlight prices vary from one another, so it is best to buy one that is durable and suits your needs. We have reviewed the 7 best camera flashlights for you and shared some quick picks for you.

Moreover, we have discussed the brief buying guide for you.

We hope this article will greatly assist you in your buying decision.

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