Types of Old Photo Restoration Services – Which one to choose

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Do you have any old photos lying around, collecting dust and fading away with time? Well, don’t let them fade away any longer! Bring them to life again with old photo restoration! With our professional and experienced staff, your old photos will be brought back to life and look as good as new! But, before choosing the right service let’s see the types of damage photo restoration services.

Online Photo Restoration Services Provider

When you search for old photo restoration services online you’ll find a lot of options but choose one that fits your needs. You should ask yourself “how damaged is your photo” and then find the right services for it.

It is not as easy as it sounds because most companies are charging extras for the edits. At Picfast, we also provide old photo restoration services. You can check our easy pricing guide if it will suit you, you can contact us directly.  We provide a free demo and unlimited revisions and we don’t charge until the client’s satisfaction.

6 types of Photo Restoration Services:

1. Water Damaged Photos

Water damage old photo restoration

Whenever you keep your photo in a place with more moisture or due to a waterfall on it, then this type of damage can happen. A strange kind of color starts coming out from the photos and mixing up to ruin the images. Water damage can occur in any type of photo,  from black and white to color.

If your photos are water damaged, there are a few things you can do to restore them. First, try to remove the water damage by gently wiping the surface of the photo with a soft cloth. If the water damage is more severe, you may need to use iron to make it dry.

After that, scan your water-damaged photo(s) properly with your mobile phone or use a scanner for better results. Then, submit the photos here, we will get back to you within 8 hours with the preview.

2. Restore and Reassemble Missing Pieces

Reassemble missing parts old photo restoration

If some part of your photo has been torn or some part of a person in the photo has been torn, then we keep it in reassemble missing pieces category.

Old memories are very important things and the medium to keep the memories safe is photos. If we don’t manage it, we will have nothing to show to the next generation. 

If your photos have been torn like this, then you do not need to worry. At Picsfast, we are here to help. No matter how damaged your photos are, we can restore all kinds of damaged photos.

3. Mold Damage Repair

Mold damage repair old photo restoration

If you have found some old worn-out photos splattered with dirty spots and you want to renew them, then it is possible. For such photos, we use the mold damage repair technique which will withdraw all the defects from your photo and make it spotless.

4. Photo Sharpening

Photo Sharpning old photo restoration

If you had clicked the photos a lot earlier and they are now looking blurry it may be because you kept them for a long time or the camera was not good at the time. If they were not there before then you do not have to worry.

Photo Sharpening is a technology with the help of which your old blurry photos can be sharpened.

5. Scratches, and Blemishes Removal

Scratches removal old photo restoration

If the condition of your photos is very bad and there are many scratches, marks, and blemishes, then we put them in this category.

If there are excessive scratches on your photos, then they can be removed. While editing any photo, we remove scratches and blemishes very carefully from every single corner of the photo and make them overall perfect.

6. B & W Photo Colorization

B&W colorization old photo restoration

Black and white photo colorization is another type of old photo restoration service. No matter how good your images are if they are in B&W you cannot show the beauty of the images. Colors are the things that connect the eyes to the photos.

While colorizing the images, matching the skin tones is very important. We use the right color palette to colorize the black & white photo and we manually color every single edge to cover the whole image perfectly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many types of old photo restoration?

There can be many possibilities for how your photos are destroyed. Above we have discussed the common types of causes and also how you can restore them.

Best way to restore old photos?

1. Scan your old damaged photos with your phone properly or use a scanner to get the best result.

2. And look for a photoshop expert to restore them. You can find the best photoshop editor here or you can directly contact them.

How much does it cost to have old photos restored?

It depends! If your photos are extremely damaged then it costs you a bit more but usually restoring an old photo costs around $25-$40. At Picsfast, we charge affordable prices for all kinds of customers.

The Final Words

We all know the importance of photos and especially those photos which we had clicked as a memorial. Now if it gets spoiled or gets damaged then your memories can be lost. It is very important to save them.

Finding Old Photo Restoration Services Online could be a time-consuming process for you, that’s why we came up with the easiest process to make your photos new. Just submit your Photos and wait for the magic.

Need help in photo editing?

Have any question to ask?

If you have any question to ask or want to hire us then you can message us on the live chat. In case, we are not available there, please send us your query on email!

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