11 Tips for Senior picture outfits for your photo session

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Chelsea Alves

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Are you stressed about your senior picture outfits as you are going to click your senior pictures soon? If yes, then do not worry, as we are here to combat your stress. We understand that your graduating year is full of challenges, and one among them is getting your senior photographs.

In addition, these pictures are really important to you and your family, as you cherish this movement your whole life. Also, they make the best social media profile photos. But when the photoshoot day comes nearer, you face the most challenging question: What to wear?

Therefore, in this article, we are going to provide you with some tips regarding the senior photography outfit, from your jewelry to shoes and glasses. If you are interested to know, then keep reading the article.

Let’s get started without further ado.

Start planning Ahead for your senior picture dresses

Planning this makes things less stressful and if you are a girl, then panning in advance is a must for you. You can get ideas from your seniors, family, or bloggers on Instagram who have shared their high school senior pictures. Start from a general idea and then narrow down your options.

Photo shoot location is a must

While choosing your senior picture outfit, do not forget to observe where you want to click your pictures. It is important because a dress will look beautiful in one place and awkward in another place. Don’t forget to share it with your photographer so that he can assist you further.

Do you want a Casual or formal look?

Ask yourself what you prefer on your big day, formal or casual look? If you are a girl and prefer a formal look, choose jeans with a light color blouse and shoes or a flowy sundress, jacket, and simple sandals that will suit you.

On the other hand, if you want a formal look, you can have dark color jeans with a slim fit and dress shoes or a romper with wedge heels. You can wear heels with it too.

For boys’ jeans, a t-shirt, an open button shirt on a simple top, khaki shorts, and a polo shirt with tennis shoes are good for a casual look. In contrast, blank pants, a colored shirt, and a crew neck sweater with dress shoes suit well for a formal look.

Sticking to your own style is essential

Frankly speaking, do not be a copycat. Sometimes you wear a dress because your friend is wearing the same or you may think that the other person’s style is better. Trust me, what others do does not apply to you, and your own style is amazing. If you do not like makeup, do not wear it. If you love to wear a hat, just go with it. Your style is really important as it makes you who you are in real. This will make you feel comfortable in your photographs, and your pictures will look real, not fake.

Colors of the outfit matter

Select a color that suits your skin tone. Also, go for a color in which you feel comfortable. For example, you can choose between neutral, jewel, and earth tones. Solid colors are more prominent and less distracting in pictures.

1. Neutral and earth tones

Neutral color outfits look elegant in senior pictures like gray, white, black, light brown, and cream colors. Most people prefer black as they are seen as more professional in a photoshoot. On the tiger hand, white color is more sophisticated, and cream color polishes your entire personality.

Blush or lavender is good for you if you are a nature lover. 

2. Vibrant tones

Bright, warm, and bold colors, including red, dark blue, yellow, and green, look pleasant to the eyes. Mostly girls go for red colors and boys choose to wear blue, but it’s totally up to you.

You must have a greater idea about what looks best on your skin tone and hair. So, get a dress that makes you more confident.

Your senior picture outfits prints and texture

When choosing your dress for senior photography, pattern or prints on your dress plays a major role in your photographs. If you like an outfit with a striped pattern on it, then it is okay but does not go for a bold contrasting color as it looks unflattering in photographs. Rather go for natural colors or floral prints that look pleasant to the eyes.

Also, in pictures, the texture of your dress is important. We would recommend you choose between velvet, wool, or denim fabrics as they add depth to your photos.

Shop some additional accessories

You can enhance your look by adding some accessories like glasses, a belt, small earrings, or a scarf. Moreover, a picture with a hat looks very cute and easy to take off or on. These things will make your look more elegant.

You can also wear a scarf in your senior photoshoot as it will look more sophisticated. Just fold it and add it to your hair like a hairband. Keep your hair down so that it flows in the air when you click your photo.

Choose your shoes carefully

If you have a certain type of outfit in mind for your senior photography, then you must have an idea that you will need shoes that suits your dress. You can also take an idea from your senior photographer by sending your dress picture. We would advise that if you are wearing a dress with heavy prints or flowers, then do not go for shoes that too have designs and prints on them as it will look a bit odd. Although the important thing is to dress, but also your shoes should not be distracting, as they can affect your overall look.

Try your senior picture outfits ahead

This is the best tip because by trying your outfits, you will get to know how they will look on you. At least try three outfits, i.e., for a casual, formal, or dressy look.

Also, if you are going to do some makeup for your senior photography, then also practice it in advance, as you don’t want to look cringy in your photographs. Don’t apply too many glitters on your eyes or glossy lipstick, as in the pictures. It seems like you are crying or sweating.

Arrange some props in advance

If you have searched a little bit about senior picture ideas on Instagram or Pinterest, then you must have seen pictures of people with musical instruments or books. It depends on your interest and what you select. You can have a musical instrument like a guitar or a bouquet of flowers. Additionally, your favorite book or drink is not a bad idea. 

Moreover, if you are a sports lover, then you can pose with a bat, tennis, or basketball.

Try adding layers and movement to your senior picture outfit

Adding layers to your outfits is a good idea as it seems youthful. Additionally, incorporating movements in your poses by wearing clothes that have lots of extra fabric so that they can flow with you brings a whole new level to your senior photography. Moreover, during your photo shoot, do not forget to express your need and wants to the photographer freely as, in the end, it’s your photographs and your day.


We have discussed different tips with your senior picture outfit ideas in the above article that will surely help you in choosing senior picture outfits. In the end, we would say that although these tips are good, these are not strict rules. Just be yourself and wear a dress that is comfortable for you. Get an outfit in which you move freely and dance in it. 

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